Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a little accident....

Well, we had a little accident here at TSG. Yesterday evening, Kirk was sitting on the couch with the pups and Ella was chewing on something.  All of a sudden, she slipped forward and fell off the couch - about 12 inches to the carpet.  It was a bit of a nose dive and she landed wrong on her right front leg.  After an emergency visit to the vet and about $800.00 later, Ella has a lovely pink cast that is helping her broken leg heal.  Her tiny little leg has 2 breaks in it!  It's been a rough day, but she's beginning to play with Otis again, dragging her cast along.  Here's a picture of Ella and her cast.  Pretty big for such a tiny little leg!  Dee


  1. Awwww! Pour little girl! Looks like she is so comfy on Kirk's chest.

  2. awww! poor ella. give her a kiss and hug from me.
    ---------- both poms are adorable.