Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We did a crazy, crazy thing...

As many of you know, my husband and I are The Scrappy Gourmet.  It's totally a team effort that couldn't work without both of us.  So when we get home from our "day" jobs, we get to work on our jobs for The Scrappy Gourmet.  Needless to say, it's a crazy busy life!  But our only daughter is a senior at college, making us empty nesters.  Somehow it all works.  Last December, we lost our sweet little teacup pomeranian, Sammy.  He was with us for 13 years and was so hard to lose.  It's been quiet - too quiet around here, so last weekend we did a crazy, crazy thing.  We set out to get a new little pom and came home with TWO!  TWO LITTLE TEACUP POMERANIANS!  They are the sweetest little pups, but active and a bit messy at the moment!  Lauren came home to help us pick them up and name them.  The little girl is Ella (after Ella Fitzgerald) and the little boy is Otis (after Otis Redding).  Kirk loves saying, "Otis, my man!"  I'm still shaking my head about all of this, but I love having these little puff balls running around.  Here are a few pictures of the new additions at The Scrappy Gourmet.  Enjoy!  Dee

Otis and Ella

On the couch with Lauren


  1. What little bundles of joy and happiness! They are just too cute!

  2. Seriously? I am so envious! They're adorable!!!